PSTEC – Percussive Suggestion Technique



Have you ever played the electronic game simon?

I think of PSTEC as an adult version of the electronic game Simon I played in my youth. “Helpful Simon” is what I recently coined it.

PSTEC stands for – percussive suggestion technique. It is a fabulous new therapy designed and developed by Tim Phizackerley – a hypnotherapist in the UK specializing in eating disorders. Prior to this work Tim was a computer programmer and analyst – which is important to note because the brain functions very much like a computer. Combining his knowledge in two fields – he came up with this brilliant little therapy – called PSTEC — to help people help their self.


I recently released a website fully dedicated to the PSTEC Therapy Process:  Please visit my PSTEC WEBSITE:

I am currently working on several projects using PSTEC and will be posting and sharing more here as I produce the materials. I am a certified PSTEC therapist and work over the phone and via email with clients to help them sort out personal issues. PSTEC is a rather remarkable tool for creating desired changes in your life.

How does PSTEC work?

I don’t know exactly but I do have a good grasp on the construct of the human mind, its thoughts, feelings and emotions and how they are all connected.  I liken the PSTEC Free Basic Click Tracks to using them as an “Emotional Eraser”.  I made this video to show how I see our thought processes work & make connections and then how using PSTEC can disconnect the attachments.

For more information on PSTEC and to get the Free PSTEC Click Track for clearing negative emotions please vistit HERE!

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I am a “Pro” over on the PSTEC forum as well. It is a great resource for self-helpers to get more information, support and motivation. To read how others are using and finding success with PSTEC please visit the forum HERE!


Why do I use PSTEC with clients?

I found PSTEC through my use of EFT and I am glad I followed a link to Tim’s work.  PSTEC has been a wonderful and useful tool for me to use in first clearing my own beliefs and emotional attachments. 

Now I am able to use it with clients as well.  We are able to make significant progress quickly with the use of “homework assignments”.

I am a nutritional therapist and often find resistance gets in the way of a client getting better results and better results faster.  With certain clients I am able to use PSTEC and other methods to help them work through these road blocks to meet with success.  The body typically follows patterns and when the road blocks are removed for ‘a certain issue’ – we often find road blocks to other issues are removed as well without specifically addressing them.  My clients are often surprised by this and love it.

My clients are also big fans of something like my PSTEC homework because privacy is important to my clients and we don’t have to talk about every last detail regarding _______________________ —  whatever it is – in order to move forward.  I’ve also developed an “ANON” process so they do not have to reveal any details whatsoever if they choose.  Many clients enjoy doing the work in privacy & sometimes just feel more comfortable working from home, so our phone and email sessions work great with their style and they feel they are able to accomplish more than with traditional methods. 

Most people I work with are OVER talking about their problems with a therapist and are frustrated they have not yet moved past “their issues” –  ‘by now’.  They tell me, with my methods – like PSTEC homework assignments – they find they are able to clear so much more – with ease and rapidity they can’t believe it. 

Sometimes we actually have to do a little click tracking around their anger that they didn’t find this type of therapy sooner!  It can be a little strange or upsetting to some individuals who have “worked really hard” to realize after 1 session how easy letting go actual is with the right processes.   My clients enjoy being able to clear things in such a different way now, in their own space – – at their own speed.  Most clients seem to get pretty excited about the results immediately and get to work – or play, depending on how they look at it – right away!!  PSTEC has proved to have a great positive impact on its users.

The other thing my clients express is that they feel empowered now having a go to method of clearing stressful things that come up in life so they no longer feel surmounted by stress because they are regularly releasing it these days!


To simply learn how to use PSTEC to help yourself you can schedule an appointment with me –  HERE!!! OR use our CONTACT PAGE.

If you are interested in guidance with your PSTEC work, I work with clients to help them build a plan and structure the PSTEC process for them.  Typically we work by phone for the first session and then design a plan based on what you want to accomplish.  We also determine what type of communication schedule and process we will use.  Use our contact page to start the process.

At the beginning of the year the maker of PSTEC – Tim Phizackerley gave out this Free PSTEC audio for wealth and abundance to share with as many people as possible. Click FREE GIFT to download an mp3 zip file.